Schachturnier - Oslo Chess Festival - Open International

Turniername:Oslo Chess Festival - Open International
Bundesland / Land:Norwegen
Straße / Nr.:Fornebu Martin Lingesvei
Plz. / Ort:1364 Forne / Fornebu
Bedenkzeit:90 minuttes + 30 sec per move
Standard:160 Euro

1. Preis:2600 Euro
2. Preis:2000 Euro
3. Preis:1500 Euro
andere Preise:All prizes in NOK (Nok/Eur) = 9,4. Starting fee includes festival dinner + social happenings. 1st prize: 25 000 NOK 2nd prize: 15 000 NOK 3rd prize: 10 000 NOK 4th prize: 7 500 NOK 5th prize: 5 000 NOK Best player under 2250: 5000 NOK Best player under 2000: 5000 NOK Best player under 1750: 2500 NOK Best player under 1500: 2500 NOK Best female player above 2000: 7500 NOK Best female player under 2000: 5000 NOK Best female player under 1500: 2500 NOK Most beautiful game: 1000 NOK each round Starting fee is 1500 NOK (including formal dinner at closing sermony) GMs plays for free IMs pay half prize


Ranking order 1) Point + Points from w/o rounds 2) Monrad / Buchholz 3) Monrad (best / lowest neglected) 4) Sonnenborn-Berger quality Read more here: - The tournament will be played at Scandic Hotel Fornebu 30. sep - 06. okt 16 (including a late Festival dinner on Thursday the 6th so plan to stay in Oslo until October 7th). Time of entry To avoid increased registration fee, please do register before 29th of August 2016! We close online registration 29th September 2016. The registration fee increase to 1650 after 29th of August. GMS play for free. IM pay half prize. Accomodation and boarding We can offer very affordable accomodation and full board in Co-operation with the playing venue Scandic Fornebu Hotel. Visit the site for more info! Tournament form It is an open tournament and all plays in one group Individual 9 rounds Fide Dutch swiss